How We Do It

Our process to develop and implement an energy management strategy for your organization can be broken down into four broad areas of activity.

Discover, Assess, Understand
We start with the big picture. We’ll want to understand your company’s core business and its short- and long-term strategic and financial goals. From there we move to operations. We’ll assess your energy usage patterns by reviewing historical data, and then review current electrical and natural gas contracts with an eye toward transitioning to the next contracting stage.

During this phase we’ll also talk with you about risk tolerance. While most corporations seek to minimize risk in exchange for consistent planning and forecasting, even a narrow range of risk tolerance can result in vastly different energy supply strategies. It’s important that we know your management’s view on balancing price (more risk) against consistent planning and forecasting (less risk).

Develop Your Energy Strategy
Based on everything we learn, we’ll structure an energy supply strategy that’s consistent with your company’s objectives.

Our clients are typically surprised by the sophistication of the strategies we create and the successes we’re able to deliver. Much like financial planning consultants, we use a portfolio approach to energy management, mixing low-risk supply options with higher-risk ones depending on our client’s objectives. Many large companies – especially those with progressive sustainability policies – require a certain percentage of renewable energy, while others want to maximize use of internally generated energy.

Whatever the situation, whatever the specific objectives of your corporation, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy that lays out when, how and why you should procure energy over a multi-year timeframe. Our strategy will give you a sense of control and predictability over your budgeting, planning and forecasting processes.

Transition to New Suppliers
With an approved strategy in place, it’s time to execute against it.

Having extensive experience working in the wholesale and retail energy markets, we feel at home navigating the energy procurement maze. We’ll identify energy suppliers that are most capable of delivering expected results, and then secure attractive pricing and terms. After suppliers are selected, we’ll negotiate contracts on your behalf and coordinate the transition.

Maintain the Integrity of the Strategy
Once implemented, we’ll maintain watch over the strategy to ensure it’s delivering the expected results. During this ongoing phase, you can expect us to conduct performance assessments that track the expected results against the actual results. All the while, we’ll monitor energy markets in the event that conditions require a revision in the strategy.

“Our operations are complex. Sable quickly assessed how we use energy and developed a strategy that helped us meet our objectives.”