About Us

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Our philosophy is simple: Energy is a commodity. People aren’t.

So, while we operate in a commodity business, we trade in only the most valuable assets: truth, honesty, and integrity as we leverage energy to add value to the business as a trusted partner to each client team we support.

Our Team

We find there’s something energizing about succeeding as a team – both as the Sable team and as the extended team we become with each client we have the privilege to serve.

Together, we cover all the bases of energy management as each Sable expert brings unique skills, long-tenured experience, and diverse professional perspectives to the client’s energy equation – achieving a combined skillset representing decades of multi-industry knowledge no single professional could deliver alone.

Since our founding as an independent energy consulting firm in 2008, our team’s energy and expertise has delivered value to each client team along with steady growth from both new and longtime clients who trust us to produce meaningful outcomes in support of their teams and mission.

Based in Houston, the energy capital of the world, we serve clients with commercial U.S. operations — often complementing and contributing to a company’s international energy management strategies and aspirations in the process.

Michael A. Gilbert, II
Managing Partner

Kristopher M. Culpepper
Managing Partner

Craig Lurcott
VP Operations

Joe Rangel
VP Risk Management & Analytics

Gini Axton
Senior Account Executive