Better Energy Management

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One of the most dynamic and most impactful aspects of an organization is how – and how much – it uses energy.

Decisions about energy use occur systemically through an organization, touching every aspect of the operation, and every stakeholder. On any given day, energy choices made may affect:

  • those who procure energy,
  • those who plan and power operations,
  • those who rely on its availability to perform their job functions,
  • those who budget and pay for energy,
  • those who oversee regulatory compliance,
  • those who expect the greatest return on their investment,
  • those who answer the customer’s questions about sustainability,
  • those who steward the organization’s reputation, and even
  • those who decide if they will make a career at the company.

We find the organizations most likely to outperform industry peers make energy management a systemic part of their organizational culture. Energy use becomes a core value intentionally driven among the workforce such that everyone is conscious of how and how much energy is consumed, for the greatest possible return on investment. In these model organizations, a continuous and evolving energy management strategy remains a priority throughout every functional area, and all energy achievements are celebrated.

Sable supports the energy use goals of each client through every stage of its energy management evolution.

Successful development and implementation of an energy procurement strategy provides clients with the opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs.

On behalf of clients, we work with suppliers to obtain the most cost-effective energy supplies and add greater predictability to your energy budget performance. Long-term relationships with our clients enable us to conduct on-going reviews to ensure the energy supplier and procurement strategy is consistent with business goals and objectives. We continuously monitor the market for future buying opportunities and proactively identify changing circumstances to enhance the energy procurement strategy and reduce risks of over-buying or over-paying, or worse, not having energy when it’s needed.

No two organizations, operations or energy requirements are the same. A comprehensive review of your organization, and a resulting action plan, may involve:

  • Comprehensive Usage Analysis
  • Tariff Analysis and Utility Negotiations
  • Bid Solicitation Facilitation
  • Supplier Options, Competitive Proposals, and Evaluation
  • Contract Terms, Negotiation & Execution
  • Transition Coordination
  • Client Services and Support

The sooner we talk, the sooner you save.

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Some organizations have a higher risk tolerance than others, though every organization’s risk tolerance depends on the market forces at play.

Before recommending any energy action plan, it’s imperative your energy management partner fully appreciates your current degree of risk tolerance, including the financial and competitive factors driving it.

Sable develops and uses sophisticated analytical methods and tools to provide a thorough comprehensive risk assessment. Working closely with you, we will:

  • Evaluate and determine your unique client risk profile
  • Identify and measure current and future risk exposures to:
    • Natural gas
    • Electricity
  • Determine and prioritize your business objectives
  • Evaluate your unique risk factors
  • Develop your risk mitigation strategy
  • Formulate your hedging strategy including if, when and how to hedge
  • Align your risk management and energy procurement strategies

There’s no risk in a conversation with us, but possibly, great reward.

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Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Futures

The earth sustains us. And we, in return, must sustain it – for our own futures, and for those who follow in our footsteps.

Regardless of industry, no organization is immune to climate impacts, nor a spectator to their causes, prevention, and remediation. With each step we take on the path to a sustainable future, we must each leave less of a carbon footprint, reduce emissions, and protect our precious natural resources — as well as the long-term viability of our enterprises.

As you plot your course toward this shared environmental and economic mandate, Sable sustainability experts can help:

  • educate you on myriad short- and long-term energy strategies to fulfill your moral imperative while creating positive operational and financial results
  • lead you to sustainable energy solutions that not only help decarbonize your operations but also prepare your business for the increasing effects of climate change
  • introduce cost reductions and risk mitigation initiatives
  • create a competitive and recruiting advantage, and
  • build a reputation for returning value to shareholders while valuing social responsibility beyond obligatory compliance.

Building on what you have accomplished to date, our team will assist you in strategic ESG planning, execution and reporting, including:

  • exploring and implementing energy efficiency initiatives
  • smart purchasing and management of renewable energy sources
  • value-enhancing emissions reduction with respect to operational and economic realities
  • reliability and resiliency strategies with bottom line impact
  • establishing sustainability criteria for vendors and partners

At Sable, we believe it’s possible for your organization to be revered for your sustainability leadership — by your customers, shareholders, suppliers, industry partners, team members and community.

And, we take seriously our role in making this leadership vision a reality. Shall we explore the possibilities together, today?

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Proper management of generation assets can save your company millions of dollars each year, not just over the lifetime of the asset.

Generation optimization is much more complicated than simply operating your asset for as many hours as possible. Optimization could involve selling excess energy capacity back to the grid or, depending on market conditions, choosing not to generate at all. It may require periodic assessments of energy contracts, energy-related investments and conservation practices, especially as operational changes occur, geographic footprints morph, and priorities shift. All these and more are choices to consider — with the ultimate goal to lower the amount and cost of the energy your organization consumes.

Let’s talk about how our team of energy experts can help you evaluate the performance and profitability of your generation assets so you don’t spend any more than necessary.

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In the modern world, the volume of data can be overwhelming.

The dynamic nature of traditional and emerging energy sources, supply chain issues, energy regulations, energy prices, energy technology innovation, operational demands, evolving external expectations about energy use, and shifting markets require real-time intelligence upon which to base strategic energy decisions.

Whether you need current market news, industry intelligence, bill auditing, or budget planning and forecasting, we provide you with customized data solutions to meet your unique needs for your current operations and future aspirations. Let us know how our team of energy experts can support you with data management, reporting, and forecasting:

  • Historical Monthly Usage Evaluation
  • Hourly IDR Usage Evaluation
  • Current Market News Updates
  • Market Assessments
  • Budget Analysis and Forecasting
  • Invoice Auditing
  • Energy Contract Reconciliation
  • Utility Tariff Optimization
  • Hedge Reporting
  • Supplier Diversity Reporting
  • Carbon Footprint Review
  • ESG Tracking and Reporting
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Recreating the energy intelligence capabilities of a professional energy management firm makes little economic or practical sense for most organizations.

Because energy intelligence is at the heart of Sable’s core competencies, we’re able to deliver market intelligence in real-time to produce meaningful, positive impact and free our client partners to focus on their own core competencies.

Combining constant monitoring of energy data with our decades of client energy management experience, we provide every client with multi-dimensional expertise and proven systems and actionable energy management insights.

We actively monitor and report on:

  • energy prices
  • availability
  • supply, storage, and transmission/distribution issues
  • regulatory factors
  • global and regional macro trends and impacts

As your outsourced energy intelligence team, we invest in providing all the resources you need to make informed, opportunistic choices about how, and how much, energy you use.

We’re eager to hear your insights, and share ours with you.

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Many organizations have come to believe that energy price volatility is simply an unavoidable business impact.

Sable clients know that sound hedging strategies can give them a measure of control over this seemingly uncontrollable factor in their energy consumption.

With knowledge of their unique risk mitigation needs, we craft a client’s hedging strategy that considers

  • timing,
  • operational needs and aspirations,
  • external drivers,
  • contractual mandates, and
  • financial goals.

Combining this insight with Sable’s real-time market intelligence, we help each client achieve their business objectives to ensure operational reliability, energy cost-reduction and budget predictability.

You can begin hedging your bets with an exploratory conversation today.

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They say timing is everything, and when it comes to creating added value through strategic relationships and arrangements with energy providers, nothing could be more true.

As electricity grids modernize and transition into the Renewables Era, a customer’s peak energy consumption continues to be a driving force on overall costs. Through numerous versions of demand response programs available from energy suppliers, you can reduce and avoid energy costs by controlling the amount of electricity your organization consumes from — and returns to —the grid at certain points in the year, all while improving budget predictability and contributing to grid reliability for your operating community.

Our team of energy experts can advise you on the options available to your business to reduce costs through a negotiated, strategic demand response program. Let’s talk about what might be right for your business:

  • ISO Demand Response Programs – Customers can receive significant payments from the grid for volunteering to participate in load reduction programs when the grid calls for conservation.
  • Coincident Peak Management – These are voluntary curtailments customers make to reduce energy consumption on days when grids are marking their peaks for the year which is a key driver to customer utility-side costs the following year.
  • Economic Demand Response – Energy suppliers will offer customers money in the form of bill credits to curtail load during events when the Supplier is underhedged.
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As your organization has evolved, it has no doubt become more complex.

Its physical footprint is likely varied — and with it the grids your operations rely on, the weather impacts your facilities endure, the types of energy supply available, the regulatory requirements, societal and key stakeholder expectations, and more.

Those on your team who manage these operations and company functions will naturally see energy priorities from their local and functional perspectives. While each of these points of view are valid, ultimately key stakeholders must align on a holistic approach to managing the inherent risks in each step of your energy management journey.

Pivotal to the success of a client’s energy management and risk mitigation strategy is our ability to listen intently and understand and appreciate each stakeholder’s input and concerns. Our long-tenured team of experts understand the value of earning each person’s trust and collaborating on the vision and action steps that make strategic and practical sense for a client’s organizational structure, systems, culture, values, and business goals.

We’re ready to hear what you have to say.

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