How We Manage Energy

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We’re Energy Management Experts. But our clients know us as Value Creators.

  • Price volatility.
  • Climate impacts.
  • Supply disruptions.
  • Evolving market conditions.
  • Multi-jurisdiction regulatory compliance.
  • Emerging technological advances.
  • Competitive pressures.
  • Changing customer expectations.
  • Unplanned events.

The rapidly changing dynamics of energy management can become a heavy burden on any organization under pressure to assess and re-assess:

  • What are customer and stakeholder expectations of how we deploy energy?
  • How best should the energy management function be staffed now?
  • What unique experience and skillsets are needed today? Tomorrow?
  • What processes will enable the company to adapt to rapid change?
  • What goals can the team achieve, by when?
  • How will success be measured?
  • Which internal gaps threaten intended outcomes?

Creating Client Value

We attribute the strong growth of Sable Power & Gas to our ability to first establish trusting relationships with each client’s team – whether we are supporting an in-house energy management professional or working with division and department leadership and operational teams to manage energy to:

ESG, Resiliency, Financial, Operational and Competitive graphic.

As you’ll see in our case studies, we’ve delivered high-impact results to add value to:

Doctor and patient looking at a chart
Healthcare Providers
Commercial real estate buildings
Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate
Photo of Bell hop service at a hotel
Photo a beverage factory
Food & Beverage Companies
Photo a wind farm in a green pasture
Conventional and Renewable Energy Producers
Photo of data center
Data and Technology Centers
Photo of a warehouse filled with inventory
Distribution and Service Companies with Large Fleets and Inventory
Photo of a retail store selling clothing
Multi-location Retailers
Photo of a telecommunications tower
Telecommunications Leaders
Photo of a large industrial warehouse
Large Industrial and Warehouse Campuses
Manufacturing photo
Photo of a line of tractor trailers ready for distribution of goods
Multi-state Trucking and Transportation Operations

Regardless of industry, organization size or location, Sable clients share one common trait: each of their energy management needs is unique.

Some experience high meter counts. Some are highly regulated. Others compete in a deregulated industry. Many are ESG-conscious leaders in their sectors. All seek ways to perform better – whether to negotiate the best possible Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) with solar or wind farms, or to effect meaningful operational changes to impact energy use throughout the company. Many incorporate their Sable team members into their internal systems to create a seamless, extended energy management team. Others rely on our expertise for focused, strategic, game-changing initiatives that deliver greater value to shareholders and stakeholders.

You have many choices for how you buy, use, and manage your organization’s energy and your time – both precious commodities we treat with the utmost respect, whether you are a senior executive, procurement specialist, risk manager, or entry-level analyst.

We think you’ll find value in a conversation about the possibilities of working together to drive the most value possible from your energy decisions.

Let us know how you think we might be of value to you today.

Energy Management and Sustainability Successes

Tax Auditing

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Customers need to focus on managing their business, not spending time studying local tax codes.

Real-Time Price Response

Every customer’s business process is unique. Creating a customized energy solution designed around your business operations is a Sable priority.

Energy Hedging

Hedging a customer’s energy requirements is a risk management option that allows businesses to achieve long-term budget stability and near-term budget direction.

Asset Optimization

Sable helps industrial customers optimize their assets by providing a deeper understanding of the local power market.

Utility Rate and Tariff Analysis

Only a fraction of the states in the United States have deregulated markets to provide customers a choice in their power and gas purchasing.