Who is SARA?

by Sable Power & Gas


In this case, Sara isn’t a person.

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SARA, ERCOT’s Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy, is a report published four times a year with forecasts and predictions from ERCOT on how well the grid is prepared for the next season.

For Texas and our somewhat extreme summer heat, the Summer SARA is generally the most important since it lays out what kind of peak demand is expected and how much generation is expected to be available — which determines the Planning Reserve Margin. When the Reserve Margin percentage is low, there is a much higher likelihood we’ll see prices as high or higher than the summer temperatures.

The Winter SARA has also become more important in recent years as ERCOT reports on the status of Generators meeting the agency’s winter weatherization guidelines. The pre-season reports also highlight the future planned generation, which now is predominantly all renewables.

Want to know what’s in store this summer? See the 2023 Summer SARA report, released May 3, 2023.

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